SLV Combo Super-pack!

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Sha-banga-bang! Grab yourself an SLV combo super-pack, and before you know it you'll be cooking a 3 course meal one handed and sailing - at the same time! We'll send you:

  1. SLV Essential Sail Guide *digital download*
  2. Recipe booklet PDF download, since we're out of physical copies :(
  3. Lessons Learned PDF download
  4. (2) Nautically Colored Navy Blue SLV brand drink coolers
  5. (2) Totally nifty SLV brand drink coasters
  6. (1) Rockin' SLV decal sticker 
  7. *And a postcard of us for good measure*

 All proceeds go to helping us get La Vaga across the Pacific without sinking, a mutiny, or inadvertently discovering a new Antarctic polar bear species.