SLV Combo Super-pack!

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Sha-banga-bang! Grab yourself an SLV combo super-pack, and before you know it you'll be cooking a 3 course meal one handed and sailing - at the same time! We'll send you:

  1. Riley's "Lessons Learned" Sailing Booklet
  2. Recipe booklet PDF download
  3. Lessons Learned PDF download
  4. (2) Nautically Colored Navy Blue SLV brand drink coolers
  5. (2) Totally nifty SLV brand drink coasters
  6. (1) Rockin' SLV decal sticker 
  7. *And a postcard of us for good measure*

 All proceeds go to helping us get La Vaga across the Pacific without sinking, a mutiny, or inadvertently discovering a new Antarctic polar bear species.