"It's a Squall" Ladies Flowy Crop Tee

$ 35.00 USD

"IT'S A SQUALL!" Riley would often yell to me in the middle of the night, back in our early days of sailing on the monohull in 2014. We'd run around frantically, pulling down the mainsail and winding in the headsail until lavagabonde felt like she was no longer going to topple over with the wind and waves.

In the heat of the moment, we'd usually never have time to put our wet weather jackets on .. so for the rest of the night we were usually soggy. It took us a long time to be able to read the clouds well enough to know when to take a reef. We still enjoy screaming "IT'S A SQUALL" seven years later, even when we've spotted it 20 minutes in advance and it ain't no thing .. 

For the fans who've been with us since the beginning! We love ya. 

- Elayna.