cromox® Stainless Steel NAUTIC Components

cromox® Stainless Steel NAUTIC Components

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cromox® Stainless Steel* NAUTIC Components

The outstanding quality of cromox® stainless steel* chains and components has made Germany-based Ketten Wälder GmbH one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel* anchor chains and nautical accessories like stainless steel* anchor connectors and shackles worldwide. The internationally operating company is particularly proud of the exceptional durability of their stainless steel* anchor chains, which is regularly confirmed by both experienced sailors and accredited testing laboratories.

On another note: Zinc concentrations in seawater have reached an alarmingly high level. This poses a serious threat to aquatic life as zinc produces acute toxicity. Given the fact that in the course of
corrosion processes, very prevalent in and typical for galvanized anchor chains, substantial amounts of zinc are released into seawater, this destructive development is supported. With their stainless steel* anchor chains, however, the cromox® team actively contributes to protecting marine life by uniting the aspects of exceptional durability with their philosophy of consistent environment-friendliness and sustainability.

Find the right anchor chain and length according to the anchor weight, the size and weight of your boat, the expected wind strength, and the average water depth.
cromox® anchor chains, anchor twisters, forerunner chains, and other products in the NAUTIC range are perfect for yachts, catamarans, and sailboats as well as for use in the industrial maritime sector thanks to their first-class material quality.

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*"stainless steel" or INOX, from French "inoxydable", in English "inoxydable" or "non-corrosive"