Why are you selling merchandise? Aren't you guys rich?

Riley worked for eight years on oil rigs and in mines to save up enough to buy our first boat; we're far from anything remotely close to being rich (in terms of money). The merchandise is for sale simply because it's something everyone asked us for repeatedly and why not put the funds towards helping us get around the world safely, right? Plus we just think it's kinda cool and enjoy wearing them ourselves. 

Where do you ship from and where will you ship to?

We have everything stored on our boat in the bilge, engine room, and anchor locker and we'll send your packages out as we eventually reach somewhere close to your destination. Just kidding!

We've got a USA warehouse that handles all our printing and fulfillment (run by our good friends Jake and Sarah) to print and stock the products and ship everything out quickly). 

Every couple years we try to figure out a way to have our merch shipped out of Australia and the UK to reduce shipping cost, but haven't figured out a way to make it work without increasing the costs to you quite a bit. So we figure just keeping it centrally located is best. 

We can ship anywhere though, so you're good to go mate. 


What about customs fees and import duties on international shipments? 

Yeah it sucks, if you're not in the USA you might get asked to pay a duty/import fee and every country is different in how they calculate it. Some don't charge anything at all under a certain amount. Generally it's not too bad, but not much we can do about it, sorry!

What if I have a question or have trouble with ordering or receiving my package? 

Shoot us an email to lavagabondestore@gmail.com and we'll get everything straightened out for you! Even while we're out of internet access or busy beating through a squall, our trusty headquarters will be on the lookout to help you.