About Us

Hey guys! (or G'day! as we say in Australia)

In a nut shell, we're an Australian couple who plan to circumnavigate in our beauty La Vagabonde, 43ft Beneteau Cyclades we bought in Italy ... even before learning how to sail. 

You can see and follow our adventures here on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/sailinglavagabonde


While we've managed to sail through the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic, we're currently saving our pennies to head out into the Pacific.

We'd love to continue documenting our entire voyage to share with you all as the adventure unfolds, and Riley has been flying back and forth to work on oil rigs in order to get us further, but with anything you buy on our little store here, it helps us buy equipment (which the salt air seems to like destroying/eroding at a fast rate), make repairs to our boat and feed ourselves when we can't snag a fish!